Success Guaranteed Only at Vikas

Vikas PU College, one of the best PU Colleges of Karnataka, located in Airport Road Maryhill Mangalore, famous for the top class quality education has once again proved to be one of the best when it comes to delivering results.

The students of Vikas PU College have secured exceptional results in board exams 2018.

Total of 414 students appeared for exams, out of which

368 from Science- 184 distinction, 178 first class, percentage of 99.73%
46 from Commerce- 18 distinction, 27 first class, percentage of 100%

The overall percentage of the institution is 99.76%.

College Topper

Science- Rachana P. 583/600, Apeksha B. M. 583/600
Commerce- Prajna C. 582/600

A total of 49 students have secured 100/100 in various subjects. 9 students have secured 580 and above where as 27 students have secured above 95% (570/600)

Dr. D Shripathi Rao, Correspondent Prof. Rajaram Rao T, Principal, Dr. Dinesh K., Vice Principal and Dr. Ananth Prabhu G, Advisor congratulated the staff and students for the exceptional performance.

Chairman Krishna J Palemar Said ” It gives me immense pleasure to share our results where 407 out of 414 students who have appeared for the board exams have secured first class/distinction, which is very unique. It is because of the systematic methodology of teaching, homely care in the hostels and availability of the best teachers for mentoring combined with the hard work and dedication from the students, they were able to achieve this success. Vikas PU College will strive even harder to secure even better results in the upcoming exams.”

Dr. Ananth Prabhu said ” Vikas Follows a scientific methodology of pedagogy. Here, the students are first trained with the fundamentals and concepts. Once the foundation is strong, they are able to excel in board exams. Similarly, we also give inputs for All India Entrance Exams like KVPY, JEE, NEET and also state level exams like CET. Here, the students study step by step- Level 1 problems first, which are easy to solve, then the Level 2 which is of CET Level and finally Level 3 and 4 for JEE Mains, NEET and JEE Advanced level. Similary, inputs for CPT are also given to the Commerce students.Therefore, having a strong foundation helps them to crack the board and entrance exams with ease. Most importantly, we do not burden the students with classes whole day for 7 days a week. The time table is scientifically planned keeping in mind the importance of self studies, time to recuperate and physical well being.”

Dr. Shripathi Rao, correspondent of the institution said ” We are a small college, unlike others. We have only 6 batches of students for Science and 2 batches for commerce. Because of this, we can give individual attention to our students and ensure they learn, understand and get their foundation right. Mentoring is the key for success. Most of the faculties at Vikas have more than 15 years of teaching experience. Also, the hostel in campus with the best fostering care by wardens ensures a homely environment for the students to remain cool and deliver their best”.

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Chemistry Workshop

D. K. District PU College Principal’s Association and D. K. PU College Chemistry Lecturers’ Forum conducted the Chemistry Workshop on 6 July 2018 in collaboration with Vikas PU College in its campus here. The workshop was inaugurated by Sri. Nagarajappa M, Deputy Director, P. U. Education, D.K. Chief Guest of the programme Mrs. Elvira Philomena,     Read More »