Vikas Education Trust has established Vikas group of Institutions in the year 1993 beginning with a college of physiotherapy in the same year, offering courses at both bachelor and Master levels. By the zeal to provide quality education and sheer dedication on the part of management and faculty and the disciplined hard work of the students, the institution has emerged as one of the premier institutes of India comparable with world standards. The institution attracts students from all over the country and abroad and equally importantly the alumni are spread over the globe and rendering yeomen service in health care. To ensure maintenance of quality and continuous development the management persisted only with the physiotherapy faculty all these years.

Now that it has established the faculty of physiotherapy the desire to reach more number of deserving candidates especially at the pre university college level, as PUC has become the determinant of the future career of all students. Though the Vikas Education Trust as obtained permission to start PUC from both Government of Karnataka and PUC board two years earlier, the management was determined that the course will be started only after every last brick is in its place, so as to provide a cheery and the best atmosphere from day one. Now that the objective is achieved the trust will start the first PUC from the academic year 2012-13.