College Anthem

prayerShuddha manassina makkalu naavu
We the students with pure mind have assembled

Vidyaya kaliyalu bandhihevu
To gain knowledge from this esteemed college of ours

Vidhyadhareya harasuva guruuige
To the teachers who give us knowledge

Nithyavu namisutha nadayuveu
We will bow to them in every walk of our lives

Avarade asare nerelale beledu
for their immense knowledge and their noble service,

Hiriyara runavanu teeruvevu
We will follow their footsteps and shape and make our life worthwhile.

Deshada samskrithi hithavanu meredhu
We respect our country’s custom and tradition

Dashadishe galigu haraduvevu
We spread its fragrance throughout the world.

Namma vikasada hesaranu naavu
Our intention is not only self-improvement

Naadina agalavu harisuvevu
But we aspire every body’s progress.

Nammee karyake mahaduthsahake
In all our Endeavour and enthusiasm our mentors are our role model

Guruve spoorthiya sanketha
Teacher is the reason for success

Vidyadegula gyaana vikasake
Where we are attaining and enriching our knowledge.

Kara mugiyuvevu anavaratha
So we bow and praise our college forever.