Welcome to the Alumni Page of Vikas PU College

Wherever you are
Whatever you are
You are one among the proud members of Vikas family.
We need your assistance and co-operation in organizing
an ALUMINI ASSOCIATION of the college.

An Alumni Association acts as a bridge between the alumni and the current student of any institute. It helps to make a stronger relationship between the institute and the students who have benefited from the institute. It does the institute a lot of good to stay connected with its student base who have grown and developed over the years and can give back to their Alma mater.

Vikas PU College is going to initiate some measures to activate ‘Alumni Association’ It has been decided to organize regular meetings and get-togethers of the alumni of the Institution.

Aims and objectives of alumni association:

a. CSR (Corporate social responsibility) activities like visiting/donating to orphanages or  blood donation, medical camps, and dental check up from the interest generated from Corpus fund.
b. Inviting alumni as a resource person to throw light on the career options of their field
c. Plant a tree, wherever they are during the Vikas Vanamahotsava Day.


  • Serve the humanity by spreading the values imbibed at the Alma Mater during the period of acquiring higher education.


  • To keep in touch with, unite and animate all the old students of the college.
  • To work towards building up a social and political order based on justice, peace and harmony.
  • To collaborate with the Alma Mater to impart quality education to the youth to make them responsible citizens to build a prosperous nation.

Office bearers:
1. President : Miss. Prajwala S. Sanil (Dept of English)
2. Secretary : Miss. Shilpa S. Raj (Dept of Mathematics)
3. Members : Mrs. Vidya Kamath, Mrs. Asha Kumari, Mr. Pradeep A. and Mr. Karthik Upparna (SWOs)

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