Rules and Regulations


The college reserves the right to strike the name of a student off the Roll or stop him/her from appearing for any examination including external examinations for non-payment of fees and other dues before the commencement of such examinations.

The complete medical records of the student must be furnished for perusal at the time of admission. The medical report that is submitted must invariably contain all the relevant medical information relating to child since birth.

Giving money or gifts to the staff members is prohibited. All such intended contributions may be made to the ‘Vikas Education Trust’.

The Final external examination certificates of a student should be collected from the school personally by the parents and not by any other person.

Smoking is strictly banned within the school premises for the students, parents, guardians and visitors. The school reserves the right to expel a student at any time for indulging in misconduct or any discipline case. Such students, depending on the severity of the offence, may be escorted home and handed over to the parents at their expense and the TC will be issued immediately with the remark “expelled for misconduct”.

Students who arrive later either at the time of re-opening or after mid-term break will invite strict disciplinary action. Normal medical certificates in support of late arrivals will not be accepted. The onus to prove the reasons for late arrival rests with the parents.

Parcels of any kind are not accepted in the institution. Parents may send only medicines and textbooks to the students, and such parcels must be addressed to the floor wardens concerned. Birthday dresses etc. should be sent along with the children when they return from vacation.

For any case of gross indiscipline, a student may be expelled from the college, and it is mandatory for the parents to come and collect such children from the college, failing which they will be escorted under college arrangement and handed over to the parents and such expenses will be debited from the student’s account.

Colour dress is permitted to be worn by the entire school only on the Diwali day. On all other festival days children will be in the normal school uniform. Children could also bring colour dress for their birthdays.

At Vikas, being a residential school, only the Indian Independence Day and Republic Day are observed as holidays, and all other days including Sundays during the year are treated as working days for all practical purposes. Although, classes will not be conducted during the government holidays.