Chief Warden-Hostels

Hostels are a very important and determining factor in residential education. Hostel discipline and organization are taken very seriously at Vikas. We believe in the philosophy “Discipline cannot be compromised”.

The boys and girls hostels have 6 floors each with spacious rooms and facilities designed to suit individual needs. There are 6 male and 6 female wardens in each floor to look after all the inmates needs 24x7x365. Dedication, loyalty and discipline are just some of the many traits they possess.

Every leader needs a mentor, therefore we have respective male and female chief wardens to supervise and ensure the smooth flow of the entire hostel and also the wardens.

Boys Chief Warden
Prakash H. V.

Mr. Prakash H.V., a dynamic and energetic soul of our men’s hostel with a Post Graduation in Science and Management. His knowledge comes from nearly 14 years of experience in various positions with Institutions and the corporate world.He believes that hostel is the place where all round development of personality, best atmosphere for study is possible.We give a caring and loving feeling to the inmates for them to become more disciplined, careful and responsible human being.

Girls Chief Warden
Mrs. Surekha Salian

Mrs. Surekha Salian whose wisdom is evident with her age is the Chief warden of the girls hostel. She has more than ten years of experience and was even a corporator for Mangalore Central Ward. She commands the respect she deserves and that is seen in the eyes of her inmates who have high regards for her.