Value Added Courses

To meet the growing demands of corporate and groom into a complete human being, the institute is striving hard to develop the skills of students by giving them value added courses. The PU students will thus have tremendous opportunities to take advantage of our initiatives that will give them multi dimensional insights. Our students have an edge over the others because of the various initiatives taken by the department.



Yogarathna Sri. Gopalakrishna Delampady, conducts yogasana to improve the mental health of the students at Expert. Every year he trains the students at Expert to rejuvenate the potentials of their body, mind and soul and feel relaxed from the daily brisk work.

soft-skill1Soft Skills

The college will organize special training sessions to help the students with developing some critical skills like group discussions, better communication skills, presentation skills, interview skills, writing skills and so on. This will help the students develop confidence and become better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.


English Edge

English language skill is a business language accepted globally and more preferred in the corporate world. To improve English Language skills a unique lab is set up in the college with latest technically sound software. The students can avail the services at the English language lab to improve their command over English language. Pronunciations, word improvisation, confusing words, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, communication style, gaining self confidence are some of the major advantages of undergoing this course.

Career Guidance

CreerThe workshop is a general program providing a broad overview of the numerous career options available to students after 2nd PUC in the field of Science and Commerce, with an introduction to career planning. The inter-active workshop, using audio-visual aids, assists students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes for each, thus enabling them determine the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work.

The mushrooming of several new careers has made it difficult for youngsters to make an informed choice and for parents to guide their children. The workshop will expose students to opportunities in a range of professional fields from Engineering, Medical, bio-technology and environmental sciences, covering not only the more conventional careers such as the civil services, law, Aviation, as well as a host of new
options in event management, mobile apps design, film animation, music technology, web design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many others. The selection of a particular stream, affects the choice of a career. So the focus of this workshop is to create awareness among students of the process of career planning, and to help them explore the hundreds of exciting career possibilities from the different subject streams.

During the question and answer sessions, students and their parents can put forward any question they may have on the different options available, as also on the most suitable institutions for studying in India and abroad and the job opportunities thereafter.

Ethical Consideration Classes

Ethics1The course is designed to help you begin answering some fundamental questions about life and what makes it worth living–Questions like what makes an action “right,” or what makes us happy, what kinds of qualities should a person have or avoid having, and how we should treat other people (and ourselves), and what “work ethic” we want to follow.

First Year Topics


Second Year Topics

1. Self Awareness and Self Esteem
2. Positive Mental Attitude
3. Corruption: A Social Evil
4. Health & Hygiene
5. Manners and Etiquette
6. Time Management & Punctuality
7. Patriotism
8. Healthy Friendship
9. Respect for Life
10. Relationship with Parents
11. Environmental Awareness
12. Swacchh Bharath
1. Honesty and Integrity of the Person
2. Leadership Skills
3. Personality Development
4. Team Work/Dignity of Labour
5. Discipline and Responsibility
6. Money Management
7. Interpersonal Relationship
8. Civic Sense and Traffic Rules
9. Drug Abuse and Alcoholism
10. HIV/AIDS prevention
11. Life Skills
12. Religious Tolerance and Harmony