Ethical Consideration Classes


The course is designed to help you begin answering some fundamental questions about life and what makes it worth living–Questions like what makes an action “right,” or what makes us happy, what kinds of qualities should a person have or avoid having, and how we should treat other people (and ourselves), and what “work ethic” we want to follow.

First Year Topics


Second Year Topics

1. Self Awareness and Self Esteem
2. Positive Mental Attitude
3. Corruption: A Social Evil
4. Health & Hygiene
5. Manners and Etiquette
6. Time Management & Punctuality
7. Patriotism
8. Healthy Friendship
9. Respect for Life
10. Relationship with Parents
11. Environmental Awareness
12. Swacchh Bharath
1. Honesty and Integrity of the Person
2. Leadership Skills
3. Personality Development
4. Team Work/Dignity of Labour
5. Discipline and Responsibility
6. Money Management
7. Interpersonal Relationship
8. Civic Sense and Traffic Rules
9. Drug Abuse and Alcoholism
10. HIV/AIDS prevention
11. Life Skills
12. Religious Tolerance and Harmony


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